select writing projects


I’m interested in the essay form, its histories, and all the squishy shapes it takes. queer theory, Asian American studies, and critical race theory are critical to my understanding of essayism, nonfiction, and literature at large.

The Humanities Studio research fellowship funded my project on disgust. I was also a REDI scholar, and my independent research on essayism in the South Asian diaspora was funded by the Writing Program Innovation Grant.



undergraduate thesis manuscript, 2021

a collection of essays about disgusting things in the home and the museum. how does disgust generate boundaries in private spaces? how does it create interior and exterior, body and not-body? how close is too close?

the wires vein the walls

essays, 2021

a set of personal essays about energetic excess — drinking too much coffee, hearing charging cords buzzing, getting a migraine — written to Sianne Ngai’s Theory of the Gimmick: Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form

closer than they appear

picture book, 2021

a collaborative project with Eileen Ahn that explores the inside of a car: we wanted to find the unfamiliar worlds hidden inside a space we know so well. how might the pedals, the rearview mirrors, the windows, swallow us up? 

the archive

essays, 2020

a set of essays about academic, historical, and personal archives, and what our stomachs hold close.


essay, 2020

an essay examining the embodied and tangible history of clothing in the anthology Closet Cases: Queers on What We Wear.

I like its reach

zine, 2019

a small collection of essays about anger through a queer and gender theory frame.

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